Explore cancer treatment options available in China.

How effective is Nanoknife?

NanoKnife has shown promise in treating tumors in locations where preservation of function and quality of life are critical considerations. However, its effectiveness can vary

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Advantages of NanoKnife

NanoKnife offers the advantage of precise, minimally invasive tumor treatment with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissues, preserving organ function and potentially reducing recovery times

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Mechanism of Nanoknife

NanoKnife, also known as irreversible electroporation (IRE), operates on a unique mechanism designed to treat tumors through precise electrical pulses. Here’s how it works:

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What is Nanoknife?

NanoKnife, also known as irreversible electroporation (IRE), is a medical technology used for treating certain types of cancer. It involves the use of electrical currents

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