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A second opinion in cancer treatment involves consulting another healthcare professional, typically an expert in oncology, to review a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. In China, seeking a second opinion from a cancer expert is crucial as it provides additional expertise and insights into diagnosis and treatment options. With China’s advancements in cancer research and treatment, consulting a specialist ensures patients receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date care, potentially leading to improved outcomes and personalized treatment approaches.


Providing expert cancer treatment with advanced technology, multidisciplinary teams, and innovative therapies, ensuring comprehensive care for patients.


Offering comparable quality but at a lower cost due to differences in healthcare systems and government subsidies, making it a more affordable option for patients.


China is known for its timely medical services, with efficient healthcare systems and accessibility to medical facilities contributing to swift diagnosis and initiation of treatment.

CAR T-cell Therapy in China

CAR T-cell therapy, a groundbreaking form of immunotherapy, has gained significant traction in China in recent years. China has been actively involved in the development and clinical application of CAR T-cell therapy, with several research institutions and biopharmaceutical companies leading the efforts.

One notable aspect of CAR T-cell therapy in China is its rapid development and approval process. Several Chinese companies have emerged as key players in the CAR T-cell therapy field. Among them, Nanjing Legend Biotech, a subsidiary of GenScript Biotech Corporation, has made significant strides, its CAR T cell therapy protuct – Carvykti, has been approved by the U.S. FDA for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

Additionally, other Chinese companies such as CARsgen Therapeutics, JW Therapeutics, Juventas Bio., have also been actively developing CAR T-cell therapies and advancing them through clinical trials. Up to April 2024, there are five CAR T cell therapies have been approved in China for the treatment of lymphom, leukemia and multiple myeloma.

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Getting a second opinion in cancer diagnosis and treatment offers valuable insights, confirms accuracy, and ensures patients receive the most suitable care, empowering them in decision-making and uncovering alternative options if needed.

Getting a second opinion for multiple myeloma treatment is important to ensure comprehensive evaluation of treatment options, considering the complex nature of the disease and the evolving landscape of therapeutic approaches.

Getting a second opinion for lymphoma treatment is crucial to explore all available treatment options, consider variations in disease presentation, and ensure personalized care tailored to the patient’s specific subtype and circumstances.