International Patients

Explore our international services that make your cancer journey a success

Since 2007, we have started to facilitate international patients for cancer treatment. Over the years, patients from 65 countries traveled across the world to China seeking for different expert opinions and alternative treatment options. Why?

  • Innovative Therapies: China often pioneers innovative cancer therapies, including CAR T cell therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies, providing patients with access to novel treatment options.
  • Specialized Expertise: Chinese oncologists are renowned for their expertise and proficiency in various cancer treatment modalities, including traditional Chinese medicine approaches alongside modern Western treatments.
  • Cost-Effective Treatment: Compared to some Western countries, cancer treatment in China can be more cost-effective, making it an attractive option for patients seeking high-quality care at a lower cost.
  • Holistic Care: Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes a holistic approach to health, focusing not only on treating the disease but also on improving overall well-being and quality of life.
  • Clinical Trials: China is increasingly becoming a hub for cancer clinical trials, offering patients access to cutting-edge experimental treatments and therapies not available elsewhere.

When you become an international patient at Cancer Care China, we will make you feel comfortable and supported during your cancer journey. It is our goal to ensure you have a successful treatment and return to your life as quickly as possible. To ensure you have a pleasant experience durng your stay, the following services are provided to all patients at our cancer centers in China.

Diagnosis and supportive treatment plan delivered in one building

Members of your care team all work under one roof, collaborating regularly with you and one another during your diagnosis and treatment. You will not need to worry about navigating a large campus or locating multiple buildings during your stay with us.

Language services

On-site interpreters, translation of medical forms and reports, remote video interpretation are available. These services are provided at no cost during your treatment.

Travel service teams

In accordance with the treatment plan, our travel experts help our patients and caregivers arrange long- or short-term transportation, lodging and other transportation services.

Private inpatient rooms

Each of our rooms offers privacy, comfort and unlimited guest visiting hours.

Airport transportation and convenience trips

Throughout your visit, our transportation team will be available to help you with airport transportation and convenience trips, such as going to food stores and other trips, to help make your time with us as enjoyable and easy as possible.

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Becoming a international patient

In this section, you will learn more about the steps involved in becoming a patient at one of our cancer hospitals.

1. Contact us. The first step is contacting us, through our online chat option, or using our contact form.

2. Learn more. To serve the unique needs of our international patients, we have a dedicated team of Oncology Information Specialists trained specifically to answer your questions and requests. They are here to help discuss your options, and make your transition too our cancer center as easy as possible. Each Oncology Information Specialist has access to language translation services as needed and a thorough knowledge of the medical services offered and clinical staff at each location, so you and your caregiver will know what to expect before you arrive. This team also helps us understand your cancer diagnosis, shares any of your high-level financial questions with our experts, and works with you to help you understand the treatment options available to you.

When speaking with an Oncology Information Specialist, please have the following information:

  • Any necessary referral letters or other approval documents required by your insurance company or employer. Please verify if a referral letter to treat overseas, a physician referral or any other paperwork is needed to explore international treatment options paid for by your insurance company or employer.
  • Medical history. This may include a written history from your doctor, details about your diagnosis, results from any tests or scans you’ve had recently, and pathology slides or imaging results, if available. Please provide these materials in English.

3. Review your finances. We strive to help you decide on the treatment facility that suits your needs. Finances may be an important part of this decision-making process. After speaking with an Oncology Information Specialist, you may arrange for a call with an experienced Patient Financial Service Advocate, who can serve as a liaison between you, our cancer centers and other relevant parties, such as your embassy or insurance company/broker. This financial professional will work with you to help you understand the benefits your insurance plan offers, as well as any out-of-pocket expenses you may be responsible for paying.

If you are interested in paying for your own care, this team will be able to provide a cost estimate at this time. Actual charges may be higher or lower than this estimate, based on your specific needs. Prior to treatment or evaluation, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit in order for you to be evaluated at our cancer centers. This deposit is determined by the hospital, based on your cancer type.

4. Learn about your medical treatment options. Our team will help you decide whether we are the clinical option for you or your loved one. We ask that you provide as much medical history as possible when contacting us, as well as copies of any scans, tests or treatments you’ve recently had. Our clinical team will carefully review your medical records to determine whether we are able to provide the treatment options that you or a loved one need.

5. Determine whether we are the option for you. Once you decide that you or your loved one will pursue treatment at our cancer center, you will be connected with team members to assist with coordinating your travel and scheduling your first appointments at one of our hospitals.

6. Understanding the evaluation and treatment process. Your journey generally begins with a three- to five-day evaluation, after which an individualized treatment plan is created for you. Treatment may begin immediately, or you may work with your care team to determine a time to return to our facility to begin your treatment.

Language interpretation services, when needed, are available during every step of the process.

Travel for International Patients

Upon reaching out to us, our seasoned team handles the myriad details of your visit, including gathering your medical records, scheduling appointments, and arranging your travel and accommodations.

For travel and lodging: Our staff remains available 24/7 to continue aiding in your travel coordination and attending to any other requirements throughout your treatment journey.

Recognizing the potential stress of traveling for cancer treatment, we provide numerous services to simplify the process and make it as hassle-free and cost-effective as possible. For international patients treating at City of Hope through agreements with insurance companies, employers, or embassies, we may offer the following travel benefits:

Returning Home

Your care team will collaborate with you to ensure a smooth transition back home after your treatment. You’ll receive a comprehensive folder containing details about your medical procedures, prescribed medications, necessary follow-up care, and answers to common inquiries. Contact information for your care team members will be provided, encouraging you to reach out with any concerns. Additionally, upon request, your doctor or nurse can communicate with your primary physician at home to address any questions and ensure seamless continuity of care.


Depending on your requirements and circumstances, our telemedicine services offer a convenient option to connect you with our team of cancer experts from your home.

Travel Coordination

Before your arrival, our dedicated team member will arrange your travel, secure accommodations, meet you at the airport or train station, and escort you to the hospital or nearby lodging. Throughout your stay, our staff remains readily available to support you with ongoing travel coordination and any other assistance you may require during your treatment.

Learn more about becoming a patient

Seeking a second opinion for cancer treatment in China can provide valuable insights and options. China boasts advanced medical facilities and skilled oncologists who employ innovative treatments and therapies. Obtaining a second opinion ensures thorough consideration of all available approaches, potentially offering new perspectives and avenues for treatment.

Technologies in cancer treatment have evolved rapidly with new breakthroughs and discoveries. Cancers are treated at our cancer centers with integrative approaches  of standard care and innovative technologies, including high-tech diagnostic tools, CAR T-cell therapies, targeted radiation therapies, and minimally invasive surgeries.